Almost Satisfied

I am about 80% satisfied with my weekend with the girls now that it is about 75% completed. No, I did not get everything on my list. However, I got done alot based on the circumstances and I had a nice time as well. I will detail it more tomorrow as I love a solid self recap more than most. As I go to bed 3 quick thoughts (Based on the fact that I just watched The Metal Show & 1+ hours of metal videos –

– Who in the world thought Rob Halford of Judas Priest was ever, and I mean ever, straight?
– What happened to Queensryche? I know the answer but fuck you watch those damn Mindcrime videos and just think how good were they and how shitty are they now?
– Maiden cannot make a video to save their life but somehow I love that.

Night and please lets hope the minions sleep in to 6:30.

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